Lenovo Business Class Products
We proudly offer Lenovo Business Class products to all our customers. Lenovo’s proven track record of quality products speaks for itself. We carry laptops, desktops and tablets to meet all your business or personal computing needs.



Certified Repairs
All our PC repairs are completed by specially trained and certified computer technicians. Our experience and commitment to quality are second to none in the business.



System Clean Up
Is your PC running slow? Do you have a Virus? Maybe you have malware or even spyware? No problem we handle these issues on a daily basis and can relieve your system from these ailments.



Express Serviceexpress
Experienced a system crash and need your PC fixed as soon as possible? Take advantage of our express services to ensure you get your system up and running again. Most issues can be resolved and ready for your pickup within 24 hours.



PC & Laptop Setup
If you have ever bought a new PC and struggled to get everything set-up afterwards; well you are not alone. Mossor Computers offers in-home set-up services to make sure your all of your peripherals are in place and working correctly.



Wireless Networkswireless
Setting up a wireless network in your home or business can be as easy as 1-2-3. However, it could end up being a huge security risk leaving your network vulnerable to unwanted hackers or bandwidth leachers. Allow us to set-up your secured wireless network and get you connected quickly and securely.


dataData Recovery
If your system crashes don’t panic. You may have not lost your data after all. Allow our technicians to run our diagnostic tools in an attempt to recover your lost data. In most cases we successfully accomplish this high tech procedure and save the day.


System Upgradesupgrades
Are you looking to upgrade an application or operating system but would rather not deal with the detailed process that is involved? Allow us to take a look and make recommendations or perform the task for you. Whether it is moving from Windows XP to Windows 7 or upgrading your POS system we can help.



Data Transfer Services
Transferring your business or personal data to a new system can be tricky. Loss of CD keys, installer files, pictures, documents, databases and shortcuts are just a few of the items that often are forgotten. Why take the risk of forgetting or losing this data when you can have professionals take care of the task for you. We provide a number data migration options to various media types.


Custom Builds
customWhile we firmly believe that our Lenovo Business Class products are the best on the market, sometimes a job requires a unique piece of equipment. When those cases arise we can custom build any PC you may need. Anything from over clocked water cooled gaming computers to unique servers we can provide the build.



Local Support
Mossor Computers has been firmly seated in the heart of Jackson Township / Lake Cable since 2002. Much of our business is done by referral and our reputation for local quality support speaks for itself. We pride ourselves on making sure our customers are happy and able to take full advantage of technology.


Why send your PC to a trash heap when we can recycle it for you! We take your old computer equipment and completly wipe all data found on the hard disk drives. The parts are sorted and then sent to a specially certified E-Recycling center. Join our green initiative and help make a difference!


Why Lenovo?

Discover the Lenovo advantage and learn why so many people trust in the quality products Lenovo provides. Learn More...


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